Power generation from biomass


Presentations of the Bioliquids-CHP workshop in Brussels (17-11-2011)

In the frame of the BioLiquids-CHP project a symposium was held at the Tuscany Regional Office in Brussels. The symposium brought together some 55 interested industry and research partners from across Europe and Russia to learn about the results and findings of the research project. In addition, invited industrial speakers informed the audience about their experiences of applying liquid biofuels for (combined heat and) power generation. Liquid biofuels considered include: fast pyrolysis oil, biodiesel, vegetable oil, as well as blends and emulsions hereof.

In four sessions a total of 16 presentations were given, covering a range of topics. You can download the presentations below.

Session one - Programmatic setting of the project / Liquid biofuel preparation, characterisation and upgrading

  BTG - John Vos - Introduction to the symposium
  Department of Priority Directions in Science & Technology - Alexander Zhurikhin - Presentation by Russian Ministry of Science and Education
  Aston University - Tony Bridgwater - Introduction to liquid biofuels for CHP generation

Session two - Engine / turbine modification / development for use with liquid biofuels

  Stirling DK - Gerald Marinitsch - Application of Stirling engines
  Encontech - Alexander Kronberg - Development of an external combustion engine
  University of Florence - David Chiaramonti - Modification of micro gas turbines
  OPRA Turbines BV - Martin Beran - Pyrolysis oil application in OPRA gas turbines

Session three - Engine / turbine modification / development for use with liquid biofuels

  BTG - Bert van de Beld - Modification of a diesel engine, for operation on pyrolysis oil
  NAMI - Valeriy Kirilov - NAMI diesel engine on bioliquids
  Dordtech Engineering - Robin Verhoef - CHP diesel units fuelled with animal fats and vegetable oils, and their emission control
  Vereinigte Werkstätten für Pflanzenöltechnologie - Georg Gruber - Conversion of engines to enable operation on vegetable oils

Session four - Exhaust emissions control / Assessment of economics and markets for biomass CHP

  BIC - Valeriy Kirilov - Emission control (DeNOx) utilizing syngas
  Aston University - Alejandro Alcala - Bioliquids CHP economics
  COGEN Europe - Arnaud Duvielguerbigny - European (biomass) CHP market

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